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Gerry O'Hara

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Worked at Loblaw Companies. Experience with Communication Skills, Customer Relationship Management, Customer Service. Went to University of Ottawa

Kushal Borkar

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Undergraduate seeking to work in Data Science who would use the acquired skills in Machine Learning/AI and statistical analysis to solve a real-world problem.

Narayan Devakinandini

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Enthusiastic UI/UX designer, who designs mobile and web interfaces. Having a background in fashion, helps me bring new perspective to research methods & design.

Esha Sahai

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@Varidus Previously @Alumni Ventures Group @Microsoft @Techstars. Studied @Massachusetts Institute of Technology @University of Massachusetts Amherst

Harshvardhan Beria

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I have worked extensively with Front End Web Development. I am currently working on Open Source Android Projects

Board members and advisors

VC @vuventurepartners and run @Venture University, a multi-stage investment fund and the world's leading investor accelerator
Agile Hunter | Token Sales Diagnostician since 2014
Worked at @Coupons.com , @Microsoft, @Indiahomes • Studied at @UC Berkeley Haas School of Business School of Business, @Iit Delhi
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Former team

Barkha Kumari

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Joel Varghese Sunny

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Gokul Jayakumar

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Mohit Khandelwal

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Isabela Ingrid Amitricioaei

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Khushboo Parwani

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