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Variant Bio was recently founded in New York City with a simple idea: to use the enormous power of global human genetic diversity to discover a new generation of therapeutics. Our team is rapidly expanding, and we’re looking for a population geneticist with diverse expertise, who isn't afraid to take on new challenges, and is as passionate about improving human health as we are. We’re seeking someone with the ability to use population genetics to understand global variation in human phenotypes.
Please email your CV and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and skills to hiring@variantbio.com with subject line “RE: Population Geneticist”.

The position responsibilities include:
- Working closely with physical anthropologists to identify populations around the world with histories that drive unique genetic architectures and phenotypes.
- Analyzing sequencing derived genetic data to understand population history, structure, and relatedness in ethnically diverse cohorts.
- Collaborating with academic researchers around the world on human subject studies.
- Effectively communicating scientific results to local researchers, community members, and at scientific conferences.
- Staying up to date on the latest scientific literature, including emerging population genetics methods.

The skills and qualifications required for the position are:
- Ph.D. in genetics, evolutionary biology or statistics, having done research on population genetics, statistical genetics, bioinformatics or a related field with a relevant dissertation. - Strong hands-on population genetics experience, including analyzing genomic datasets from humans or other species, inferring patterns of population structure and demographic history, estimating patterns of relatedness and/or detecting loci under selection.
- Strong conceptual background in the principles of population and statistical genetics.
- Strong computational proficiency, including fluency in bash, R and Python and/or other scripting languages.

We’d prefer applicants with the following:
- At least 2 years of industry or post-doctoral experience.
- Experience designing and managing human subject studies outside of North America and Europe.

- Competitive salary with stock options.
- The chance to be an early key employee at a rapidly growing, well-funded start-up
- Generous and comprehensive health, vision, dental, and 401K benefits.
- Great work environment, based in a beautiful office at New Lab in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.