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Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Vardama is a high-tech clothing brand, empowering you to go beyond your perceived limits. In 2014, Vardama was founded with a goal to prove that our technology-infused garments are better than conventional fabric garments.

After researching for over two years and testing more than a hundred prototypes, our proprietary formula, Equa-Tek™, was developed making the impossible possible. Unlike conventional coated technologies, Equa-Tek™ spill-repellant technology is woven into the fibers of the fabric thus maintaining the natural feel and breathability of each garment.

As lines between fashion and technology continue to blur, we need smarter apparel that propels us through the most hectic days. Vardama has only begun to scratch the surface of technological enhancements in apparel. We strive to help you reclaim your freedom in everyday clothing through our relentless pursuit of innovation.

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