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We create drones to make people safer, more informed, and more productive



Co-founder of @Vantage Robotics . Co-founder of @Sutro Media. Co-founder of @Ardica Technologies. Design engineer @IDEO, Yale BS ME, @Stanford Masters ME
Co-founder/CTO @Vantage Robotics, CTO @Xensr , DARPA Grand Challenge Stanford Racing Team, co-founder @219 Design ,@Stanford University MSc Smart Product Design


Luke Beesley

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Pavlo Manovi

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Nikhil Ramesh

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Worked at Vantage Robotics, farmshelf, Apple. Experience with Circuit Design, Hardware Prototyping. Went to Georgia Institute of Technology.

Jeffrey Kurohara

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Pavlo Manovi

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NASA Tensegrity Robots / IntelinAir Aerial Analytics / Neuralink / Vantage Robotics / Open Source Packet Radios / Kohl's Robotics / 8+ Years of UAS Experience

Assaf Stoler

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Co. Founded OdiroTech (Sold 1999). Multiple technical leadership roles in the medical, security & airborne industries. Fielded multiple products.

Sam Yeeles

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Aaron Breen

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Vantage Robotics veteran. Designing parts from 2 mm to 20 ft and the tools to make them, in all sorts of materials and methods, from concept to customer.

Board members and advisors

Founder @CRAVE, @Arena Solutions, @Light & Motion • Studied at @Stanford University
Thinking technologies. Sci-Fi. IA over AI. Extreme sports. Advisor @VibrantData @Vantage Robotics @Predicta @Aera Technology @Darvis. Co-founder @PeopleMapAI
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Miranda Pakozdi

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Thomas D Jones

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Alex Goldobin

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