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Thesis-driven fund in NYC, hands-on, invest in b2b software, data/analytics, and fintech


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Sharad Kumar

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Involved in nearly every aspect of the high frequency trading industry since 2004 - Trading, Risk Management, and R&D

David Dziekanski

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opportunistic angel investor

Greg Gurevich, CFA

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Founder clickfacts, viddler, maritime. Expert in fintech, like to invest in companies that I find are doing something interesting.

Matthew Marco

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Marco International Group is a boutique firm with over ten years of experience with Real Estate, Capital Raising, Private Equity, & Hedge Fund Introductions.

Edward Hosty

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Interested in FinServ and FinServ tech.

Gavin Apter

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Former Goldman equity sales, investment banking (8 years)

Sam Hendel

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Co-founder of Dataminr, Portfolio Manager at Levin Capital Strategies

Samuel Tegel, CFA

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Head of trading at a Chicago HFT/automated market making firm. Investor in @ValueStream Labs and @QuantConnect

peter borish

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