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Peer-to-peer accountability

Peer-to-peer accountability

Your team is your organization’s primary asset. Research shows they are most motivated when they feel aligned with and valued by their peers. Unlock your team’s full potential via clear and real-time insight on what team members rely on each other to do, the most important things to do next, and how their work contributes to collective success. Valued Acts supercharges teams using an innovative peer-to-peer accountability tool. The results underpin individual and team improvement through faster, better focused, and more impactful status checks and strategy conversations. Managers and donors receive real-time transparency into, and an essential running record of, team member cooperation toward shared goals.

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Marketing, Digital Creative and Technology
Internet Technologist
Experienced COO/CFO, Yale MBA, built and raised total of $50MM+ ffor early stage companies in ecommerce, data, and social media.

Matt McFarlane

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Co-Founder VALUED ACTS, Co-Founder GROUT, Counsel, Leichtman Law PLLC, Principal, Matadero Capital