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Sudha reddy

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Sujit Kumar

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AVP Sales and Marketing, IIT IIM Graduate with 15 years of experience in Sales and Marketing Quantify IP, Wipro, Simplilearn, BEL

Ashutosh Prasad

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Content Marketer with 3+ years of experience in content development (both web & print collateral), SEO, social media marketing and corporate blogging.

Subhash Uddhav Yadav

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Worked at Valuebound, Web Access (India). Experience with Apache Web Server, AJAX, collection. Went to Mumbai University, Secondary School

Soumya Variar

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Working at Valuebound as a Drupal consultant. Worked on Symfony - PHP framework

Sonam Shukla

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Working as Software Engineer in Java/PHP Stack, very much looking forward to work on other Java/PHP related frameworks.

Ajay Kumar Reddy

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Drupal Developer with 2.5+ years of exp

Krishna Kanth

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Drupal Module developer worked at Valuebound.

Nishant kumar

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Abhi Chandra

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Worked with Valuebound who has big clients like Time Inc. and Farm Journal Media

Aditya Anurag

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Drupal Consultant at Valuebound

Ankit Babbar

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Former team

Nikhil Anant

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Debjani Chatterjee

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Anurag Gupta

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