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Master Thesis: Monitoring, securing and licensing of software deployed on-premise (air-gapped)

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We are an international, fast-paced team of software developers and satellite engineers and are recruiting for a 5-6 months internship or Master Thesis exploring the monitoring, securing and licensing of software deployed on-premise (air-gapped).

Your tasks will include:
• Research and creation of methods for monitoring, securing and licensing of a SaaS software deployed in an air-gapped environment
• Exploration of potential methods for securing code (e.g. code obfuscation pyarmor.dashingsoft.com or similar) and trade-off analysis
• Exploration of monitoring methods (e.g. generation of human-readable usage-reports delivered regularly across air-gap by customer, secured by fingerprint to avoid tempering)
• Development of MVPs

Expected knowledge:
• Python programming & bash scripting
• Basic knowledge of encryption methods

You will learn about best practices in agile software development and we will provide guidance and mentoring for you to get the most out of your internship.

You must be:
• Studying or be about to finish a Master’s degree
• Motivated, well organized and able to work independently
• Good at communicating in English

With an open-minded environment, we value teamwork, provide flexibility and we are looking forward to hearing your ideas and opinions.

• Office-made Ice Cream every week
• Room for creativity
• Flexible working hours

Contact: hiring@valispace.com

Applications open for internships from January 2020 - June 2020

Note: We only accept applicants from the EU or with an EU work permit valid for at least 6 months.