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Graduate Developer / Software Engineer

£38k – £42k • 0.01% – 0.02%
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From day one graduate hires will be given the opportunity to
become responsible for designing and developing a key part of the
product. You will quickly gain experience across the full software
development life-cycle from design through coding, testing and
support across a wide range of technologies and languages.
Every new graduate hire is assigned a mentor who will be a
senior member of the development team and your mentor is
responsible for overseeing your development through the first few
years of your career ensuring that you are given the necessary
support and guidance as you develop your career as a software
developer. Your mentor will also be responsible for ensuring that
you will gain experience in a number of different areas of
development so you will be able to discover what particular area
you might wish to specialise in the longer term.

Candidate Profile
Are you the sort of student that has been coding since you were
really young?
Have you developed a reputation for being a bit of a "techie"?
Perhaps you build and configure computers in your spare time or
your friends come to you with their PC problems for you to fix?
Maybe you contribute to open source software as a hobby?
If you do have experience developing software either for a University
project or as a hobby and can show us on GitHub or elsewhere
please let us know when you apply so we can discuss
it at the interview!
You will also have a good degree (First or 2.1) in Computer Science,
Mathematics, or a related subject.

Desirable Skills and Experience
Your experience with any particular languages isn't critical but
prior experience in any of the following would be an advantage:
• Knowledge of a general purpose programming language,
including any of: Golang, Python, C, JavaScript, HTML or CSS.
• Designing and using REST APIs.
• Knowledge of network security (e.g. SSL/TLS) and other crypto
• Appreciation of test-driven development, continuous
integration/deployment, Kanban.
• Experience using Version Control Software such as Git as part
of working in a team.
• Experience developing for Machine Learning / Computer Vision

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