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Software / Hardware Engineers - Tech Start-Up

£38k – £90k • 0.01% – 0.05%
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Graduate / Experienced Software/Hardware Engineers, Uxbridge, London or Oslo, Norway

Tech Start-Up.

Founded in October 2017, Vaion is set to innovate and revolutionise a multi-billion-dollar market with bleeding edge hardware and software products.

We are building the initial engineering team so this is an incredible opportunity to get stuck in with an exciting innovative company right from the start.

Candidate profile

You will be the sort of person that has always aspired to be the best at what you can do. Academically you will have achieved the best results from the best institutions, your passion for technology will go beyond your academic syllabus or your job responsibilities. You will have knocked up your own ideas in your bedroom since childhood. You will be an innovator, problem solver and doer. Your creative ideas will be ahead of the next generation, looking at what is impossible and plotting to make it possible. Then you will do it. Come and do it with us!

We have the commercial background and product engineering expertise to harness your skills and drive them to the next level. Our team have been there before but where we’re going now is our next adventure.

Skills and Experience

We are looking for hardware and software engineers.

Graduate to experienced engineers/architects

Engineering / Science related degree with the highest academic achievement and experience in modern software development from the chip to the cloud.

Future members of the Vaion team will have skills in some or all the following areas ..

Frontend Software Developers

- experience with User Interface creation and design, Javascript, CSS, HTML


- experience with Android and/or iPhone/iPad application development, Java, Kotlin, Objective C and/or Swift

Backend Software Developers

- experience with REST backend applications in node.js, Java, python or go deployed to cloud services such as AWS, GCP or Asure

Embedded Systems Developers

- experience with low level embedded systems, Linux kernel, network stacks, security protocols, cryptography. Extensive knowledge of C with C++, Rust and/or Go beneficial.

Deep Learning Developers

- experience with machine learning software stacks, Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano, Torch

- experience with computer vision, advanced, image processing, feature detection, face recognition

We are also recruiting for Mechanical, Industrial Design, and Electronics Developers

- experience with bringing beautiful products to market quickly"

To apply email marcusatvaiondotcom

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