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crime prevention with AI-powered camera

Engineer & Researcher at rapidly growing 'Minority Report'-like AI startup

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We've built behavior analysis AI which detect & predict human behaviors. With the technology, we developed “VAAKEYE” to prevent crimes before it happen, and developed a checkout-less system “VAAKPAY” to reduce operations & personnels. We stay focus on social issues.

Bloomberg, Forbes, etc. published in large numbers domestically and abroad

Technical team is comprised of researchers from international organizations, engineers from NEC, CTO experienced people (6 people) and other technically talented global members, and Biz is comprised of members such as representatives of listed companies and consultants. It has been.

Jerome Williams (a professor at Rutgers University) - It's a good approach. You shouldn't really profile. You should behaviorally profile.

[ VAAK Technology 3 Division ]
1 Behavioral analysis common base "VAAKBASE"
2 Crime prevention AI "VAAKEYE" (domestic / overseas)
3 Unmanned cash register "VAAKPAY"

[ Recruited Position ]
- Software Engineer
- R&D Engineer

[ Major areas of work ]
- architect and coding of base system and products
- Engineering (1+ from the followings):
--- VAAKBASE: Behavior detection, Tracking system, API for Web UI (provide Video, Data)
--- VAAKEYE(security&marketing): Detect&Alert system
--- VAAKPAY: Management system for Shelf, Customer and Items.
- Research: (1+ from the followings):
--- Behavior detection/prediction, Face recognition, Gait recognition, Pose estimation, People Tracking, Object recognition
- Team building and documentation
- 2nd mission: you can do other domain jobs if you want

[ Required condition A (1+ from the followings) ]
- Deep learning algorithm development for images and time series (1+ from the followings):
--- behavior judgment / prediction · face recognition · gait recognition · POSE estimation · Tracking, object identification, mapping
- System development (Python) * Software Engineer required
- Compiler and GPU software development
- Automation and Quality Assurance

[ Required Condition B ]
- Ability to agree with VISION and VALUE
- At least 2 year's work experience in the work area and surrounding area

[ Technical Environment ]
- Langage: Python, Ruby, C ++
- Framework: Keras, tensorflow, Rails, Bootstrap
- Versioning: Git
- Cloud: AWS , GCP
- Repository: Bitbucket
- Communication: Slack
- CI: CircleCI
- Monitoring: Datadog , NewRelic
- Error Monitoring: Sentry
- DB: MySQL, Redis

[ others ]
- Visa Support

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