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CIO @Utrust | PR & Speaker, Partner @ObviousCapital

Roberto Machado

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Founder & CEO at @Subvisual. We nurture ideas that empower people. Spent my last 8 years building teams. With them, frequently I've built successful products.


Joana Gomes

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Martinho Aragão

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Artur Goulão Ferreira

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I like to work with exotic systems, from sparc servers to IBM power8. Between being CTO and startup advisor, my latest passion is mobile security.

Gonçalo Simões

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Mobile Developer with 5 years of personal and 4 years professional experience. 6 apps developed professionally.+4games. React Native and Flutter experience.

Vasilis Spilka

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People Manager at Utrust

Júlia Vilaça

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With a background in Business Management. I work with passion, meaning and purpose.

Former team

Francisco Baila

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Miguel Amador

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Gonçalo Morais da Rocha Areias

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