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We’re a group of motivated, skilled and talented people with different backgrounds and experiences, brought together by our passion for new technologies and making things happen.

Our core values include:

- We believe in building the best possible product for our customers, and have the skills to do so;
- We turn problems into solutions, whether their business, design or development related and we do it happily for our customers. We’re big on the 80-20 mindset, making our jobs even more interesting since time to execute also pays a big factor in the solutions we find;
- We’re curious and detail-oriented, to make sure we don’t miss any detail;
- We believe in continuous learning, so we base of culture on that pushing for knowledge share and good communication skills;
- We encourage our team to speak up and share their opinions, to make sure everyone has the opportunity to leave an impact on the product;
- No matter if you’re an introvert or an extrovert, as long as you’re an avid learner and also a good teacher, you’ll fit right in!

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