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Product Designer

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## Overview

“Rapid prototyping.” “Design sprints.” “User centric.” We're sure you’re familiar with these terms. They’re supposed to help companies build things faster and better. The thing is: they don’t work if the user research process is too slow. We’re solving that problem. At User Interviews we're all about helping teams discover and embrace user insights. We believe this to be the secret sauce that helps companies go from good to great.

## Your role

You, yes you, will become our 2nd Product Designer. Exciting, right? We think so! You'll be joining a team that also cares deeply about talking to our users, creating a great experience for them, and incorporating their feedback into everything we do. However, we also need you to help us continue to make things even better.

**In this role you'll be:**

• Directly responsible for the creation and optimization of features that will ship to production on a regular basis.
• Running and participating in research with real customers (we are a ResearchOps platform after all).
• Writing a first pass at UI copy, which is then refined with the help of your team. There’s no lorem ipsum here.
• Interacting directly with stakeholders across multiple disciplines.
• Working within a small multidisciplinary squad of folks, as well as integrated into the product team as a whole.
• Collaborating closely with our Lead Product Designer on our design system as whole.

Your success as a designer at User Interviews hinges upon the ability to approach design as holistic problem solving for both user and business goals. We work collaboratively here and you’ll listen to ideas, questions, and critiques from teammates with grace and patience. That said, you know your stuff and can eloquently and logically explain design decisions. You see this type of exchange as critical to the success of yourself and our product: it is through sharing ideas and being open to the brilliance of others that we arrive at the best solutions.

## Your skills & experience

• You're a motivated and an awesome teammate. It wouldn’t hurt if you were organized and a systems thinker as well.
• Have 1-2+ years of UX / Product Design experience. Not concerned about job titles – more that you’ve spent a good chunk of time designing modern web applications.
• Very adept with modern design tools – Sketch, Figma, or whatever it is you like to use. We use a combination of Figma, Whimsical, Freehand, and Code.
• Proficient understanding of HTML / CSS – you do not need to a be a front-end developer or "push to production" by any means. But we do want someone who can converse knowledgeably with developers and account for implementation complexity in their decision making.

## Your nice-to-haves

• You love user research and use it to drive your thinking, but are able to generate your own ideas as well.
• You enjoy specializing deeply in your craft, but like dabbling in other areas from time to time.
• You’re passionate about defending your opinions, but enjoy having them challenged by the team.
• You do whatever it takes for the team to succeed, but thrive working independently.
• You hold yourself and your work to a high standard, but share rough drafts early and often.

## Your benefits

• You'll be an integral part of a growing fully-remote software company, how it works and it's culture.
• We'll make sure you have the equipment you need to do your job (think new shiny laptop).
• You'll go on at least one full company retreat / off-site per year.
• We'll get your health needs covered through medical, dental, and vision insurance.
• You'll be able to work wherever you want — your home, a coffee shop, another country, it's up to you!
• You'll get a $200/mo wellness stipend to spend on whatever you want — treat yourself!

## About us

User Interviews is an equal opportunity employer. We believe diversity of backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences to be critical to our success and are passionate about creating a welcoming, supportive, and collaborative environment for all employees. All are encouraged to apply as we continue to grow a smart, hard-working, and diverse team who love working together to build something that matters.

We’re a remote team that is on a mission to help other teams discover and embrace user insights. We are proactive about staying close to one another despite not sharing the same physical space. Remote culture is real and we care about it – a lot.

We care a lot about feedback. From our users, of course. But also from each other. We hold company wide retros every month to make sure we’re always improving and everyone has a place to voice their feedback.

We’re a little weird? We’re fun? We’re empathetic? Don’t worry about it too much, there will be plenty of time to get to know us as we get to know you.

PS: If you were referred by someone please let us know when you apply! We look forward to meeting you.

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