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People Operations Specialist

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About User Interviews

At User Interviews, we believe that the best companies in the world consistently deliver products and experiences that their customers love. These are companies like: Apple, Nike, and Disney. On the other side, companies fail every day because they build products that their customers don’t want or need.

We also believe that the only way to consistently build products and experiences that your customers love is to talk to them. Watch what they do. Understand why they do what they do. Ask them why they choose your product over your competitor’s. Figure out why they do things that seem irrational. And once you’ve done that once, do it again. Start having constant conversations. In short, make them your #1 priority.

That’s why we exist. We want to help every company be as successful as Apple, Nike, and Disney. We help companies set up conversations with their customers. We’re a ~30 person, fully remote startup that is making companies more user-centric. Our mission is to help teams discover and embrace user insights. We currently do that by making if fast and easy to talk to users or potential users to help with product, design, or marketing decisions. We work hundreds of companies a month, including companies like Pinterest, Thumbtack, and Spotify

People Operations Associate Role

We’re looking to bring on a creative, empathetic, and entrepreneurial People Operations Associate as our first HR hire. We are building a fully-remote world class team and are looking for a superstar who can engage with our internal team and also help us recruit and onboard new members. As the first HR person in a fast growing startup there will be plenty of room to build out systems and grow.

- Work with all departments to build out and manage our hiring pipeline
- Oversee the entire employee experience including onboarding, employee relations, performance management, staffing strategy and more.
- Keep a pulse on company happiness and wellness to help make sure the whole team is fulfilled and engaged
- Culture is never a one-person job, but part of your responsibility is growing and maintaining culture
- Report to the leadership team on key HR, employee wellness, and employee happiness metrics

About You
- BA / BS degree from a 4 year university.
- 2-5 years of HR/People Operations experience
- Entrepreneurial, creative, and empathetic
- Self-starter, able to work on multiple things at once
- Well organized
- Excited about building out a remote team
- Think companies should be obsessed with their customers!

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