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Internet of things wireless carrier providing connectivity for 2B connected devices



Sajeesh Kumar

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Data Engineering, Cloud Engineering, Micro services, Big Data.

Guseyn Ismayylov

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Worked at Grid Dynamics

Saif Ahmed

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Marketing & Operations Associate at US Mobile. SAT Instructor for Kaplan. Internationally Rated Chess Player. Hold a BS in Electrical Engineering.

Mushfiq Rahman

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Growth at @US Mobile . Helped create the Bengali keyboard at @Apple, learned marketing at @AgilOne. @Cornell University '12

Teppo Kauppinen

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CTO (SaaS, Hands-On), Cloud Architect, Advisor, Mentor

Nicolas Huguet

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Mircea Dima

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Senior Software Engineer / Entrepreneur
Worked at US Mobile, Comsats Internet Services. Went to University Of Westminster, Uk

Umair Ansari

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Financial Controller of US Based start up - Ex-Deloitte Consultant / Auditor - Chartered Accountant - Finance Guru

Michael Melmed

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Jack of many trades. Product Management, Ops, Finance, Data, Analytics and Marketing. And yes, animation too!

Former team

François Denavaut

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Andrew No

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Hanson Rynsburger

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Fabian Mastrorillo

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