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Branded Mobile/Web-Commerce for hyper-local retailers

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UrbanPiper is a tech startup based in bangalore. We are building one of the best mobile/web commerce, loyalty/pre-paid engagement platform for hyperlocal retailers. We are solving a global problem and already have list of elite clients in India, Indonesia and Middle-east live on our platform.

We are a part of Nasscom 10K Startups and are backed by Axilor Ventures and Kumar Vembu (Co-Founder, Zoho).

One of the enviable aspects of working at UrbanPiper is to be in an environment where there's a whole lot of *real* user and usage data, and we simply need someone to get his/her kicks out of solving the issues that an early-stage startup encounters w.r.t scalability.

In short, we've got a ton of data, and are in need for creative programmers who can build solutions to crunch it!
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Project Manager

Posted 9 months ago

UrbanPiper offers an integration layer that powers the operational efficiency of 1000’s of restaurants across India for selling online through their own white-labeled platform or any of the leading food aggregator platforms — Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, Foodpanda, Scootsy, etc. At present, we are...