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Building better communities with data

Building better communities with data

UrbanLogiq helps governments build better communities with data. We work with public servants to consolidate data that is currently fragmented in silos to create a unified view of a community and then utilize artificial intelligence to derive insights to help governments make faster, cheaper and more accurate decisions.

Our Traffic & Transportation Intelligence Platform
- Provides a unified view of any sensor data
- Monitors and projects congestion and their related causes
- Identifies optimal investment priorities and timing
- Improves the efficiency of engineering and maintenance operations

Our Economic Development Intelligence Platform
- Visualizes registered businesses geographically and search by industry type
- Runs analytics and trend analysis of how industries and neighborhoods are behaving at a granular level
- Overlays population demographics showing density
- Tracks internet behavior such as social media sentiment analysis to indicate changing economic moods

Senior Software Engineer - Front End

Software Engineer - Front End

Political advisor at all levels of gov't, CEO/Co-Founder of UrbanLogiq. Board of environmental & development charities, awarded Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal.
Founded UrbanLogiq
Co-Founder of @UrbanLogiq | 500 Startups Batch 20