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Fast financial underwriting and continuous credit re-assessment for banks

Fast financial underwriting and continuous credit re-assessment for banks

Upswot provides on Lender’s premises the loan onboarding product for SME and Self-employed (SE), with automated underwriting (in less than 60 seconds), and continuous credit re-assessment, based on the data from public registries of 100+ countries, on-premise, and cloud accountancy, CRM, eCommerce, eWallets, ERP systems your SME & SE clients use. The data will be underwritten in less than a minute, and continuously monitored in real-time Depending on the events from business systems, Upswot automatically notifies relevant departments of the Lenders about those that can influence sales, risks, fraud, and even churn rates Thus, we provide the Lenders (banks, factoring, insurance, and leasing companies) with the ready-to-use product to simplify digital journey of SME, automate underwriting, financial reporting, ongoing loan re-assessment, and continuous tracking of all crucial, positive and negative events SME & SE face

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COO and founder at UPSWOT. Worked for worl-wide vendor of CRM system as project manager, product owner, CPO. Befor that worked for Reiffeizen bank.
Now CMO of Upswot.Founder of Charity fund "Svichado", co-founder of Jumperound creative laboratory. Also managing partner at Idealsecrets event&tech production.
CEO of Upswot Experienced in Accounts receivable financing (banking factoring) Successfully started and sold 2 businesses