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Improving Student Retention in Colleges



Chris Webb

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CTO and Co-Founder @Upswing. Studied at Vanderbilt University from 03-07. Working in IT for over 15 years for various companies from fortune 500 to mom and pop.

Melvin Hines

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CEO & Co-Founder of @Upswing • Studied at @Duke University Law School (2009) and @Fuqua School of Business (2011). • Aiming to kick attrition's butt.

Alex Pritchett

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COO & Co-Founder of @Upswing. Passionate about bridging the gap between education and technology.


Arvind Bala

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I like numbers and stories, so I became an analyst to enjoy both at the same time.

Maricela Martinez

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People Operations Manager at Upswing. SHRM Certified Professional. Studied at The University Of Texas At Austin

Bharath Lavendra

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Business Analyst at Upswing, an EdTech company. Graduated from UT Austin with a BS in Public Health, but hoping to break into the data and tech world.

Kaitlyn Cobb

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International Educator, EdTech Newbie

Christina Monachino

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Pre Doctoral Psychology Intern at Boys Town. Mental Health Counseling MS. Well-versed in psychotherapy, research, and project management. I enjoy coffee & cats.

Taylor Petrillo

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UTA CS, full stack software engineer, mobile app developer, new grad

Sarah Cariello

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Head of Sales at Upswing

Justin Fowler

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I'm the Product Manager at Upswing, a higher ed retention startup. I'm the Product Owner for most of our products and am heavily involved in product strategy.

Board members and advisors

Christine Wyatt

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Twenty-three years' experience in edtech including: sales architecture, marketing, go-to-market strategy, project management, product dev, and team coaching.
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Neha Madhusoodanan

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