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Mac Dougherty

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BA Harvard, MBA Dartmouth. Founded MicroArx (fast, secure IoT devops for web devs). Previously: AskOnline (SaaS), Cognitive Electronics (Big Data/AI silicon).

Mark C

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See Linkedin for majority however have mentored across several Dallas based accelerators,

John Duong

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Head of Lumina Impact Ventures, the impact investing arm of Lumina Foundation focused on higher education and workforce.

John Mueller

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Founder, Golfer, Runner, Professor, Entrepreneurship. St. Edward's U. | Pick'n Run | Rollin' Gelato | GolfSolutions.com

Christine Wyatt

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Twenty-three years' experience in edtech including: sales architecture, marketing, go-to-market strategy, project management, product dev, and team coaching.

Lee W. McNutt

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Tech Startup and Lower Middle Market Investor: 86 investments • White House • Presidential Transition Team • Bush Adm • Led 53 U S Trade Missions.

Mitch Gervis

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Currently the co-founder and President of Complyify, LLC. Previously, founded, ran and sold NeoSpire managed hosting.

ashish arora

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PhD Economics, Stanford. Investor in Mindseed, Upswing.

Jimmy Webb

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