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Upshift is like owning a car but without all the cost and hassle. Get a Prius delivered whenever you need it – spotlessly clean, professionally maintained and with a full tank of gas. Subscribe to a monthly plan. Our transparent, all-inclusive rates include full insurance, maintenance, and taxes.

People in cities are paying $700-1000/month for a car they usually only drive once or twice a week just to go out of the city. A few hundred dollars on the car payment, another few hundred on your parking space, and another hundred or so on your insurance. It adds up.

Upshift makes it easier to go wherever you want without owning a car, saving you time and money, and making more efficient use of resources. We are turning parking into parks by sharing, reducing greenhouse gas emissions with a fleet of identical Priuses, and eliminating serious traffic injuries by incorporating the latest autonomous vehicle technology.

We have raised funding from MINI (BMW), Urban Us, a syndicate led by Sundeep Ahuja, scouts from two VC firms, and others. Join us!
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Head of Operations

Posted 8 months ago

Values Impact driven entrepreneur who is an execution oriented, intelligent decision maker with previous management experience. A natural doer who is great at building a company and problem solving collaboratively. A passion for the importance and urgency of changing the transportation landscape...