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Fractional car subscriptions (invest at republic.co/upshift)

Fractional car subscriptions (invest at republic.co/upshift)

Upshift is an easy alternative to leasing a car for people who don't drive much (<10,000 miles/year). Save time and money with our transparent subscriptions that include everything you need like full coverage insurance, maintenance, and roadside assistance. Whenever you need a car, we deliver a new clean Prius with a full tank of gas. Return anywhere in the city - we’ll park and refuel for you. Plans based on how often you drive, targeting people who need a car around 1-3x/week. You drive – leave the rest to us. We are funded in part by MINI (BMW).

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Ezra Goldman

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MCP, @MIT & PhD dropout. Co-founded a bikeshare in 1999. Built shared EV scooter at MIT Media Lab/Piaggio in 2006. Managed a startup in Copenhagen. Polyglot.
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