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Kevin Chern

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I exist where law and technology intersect

Brandy Elliott

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I'm a manager with 15 years experience. I've been working in creditor harassment litigation for the last few years and I'm looking for a change.

Marty LaBelle

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Previous sales exp with irevu and Payment Brokers; worked as CFO for Tminus10 Partners and as a Chemist for various companies.

Matthew Goergen

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Miami University Graduate. Legal consultant for Upright Law. Legal and Marketing background. Huge interest and knowledge in music and the industry surrounding.
Human Resources at UpRight Law

Jonathan Baltz

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Katherine Dabrowski

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Corporate Recruiter at UpRight Law

Lydia Render

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Experienced sales recruiter that excels at software implementations

Aquanda Thomas, CBA, ILAP

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Certified Bankruptcy Assistant with more than fourteen years of progressive experience..

UpRight Law

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UpRight Law is a hyper-growth online consumer law firm headquartered in downtown Chicago. We are on a mission to increase consumer access to justice.

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Gardenia Abonce

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