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Tech-based consumer bankruptcy law firm

Tech-based consumer bankruptcy law firm

UpRight Law is a tech-based consumer bankruptcy law firm that uses an online platform to conveniently connect our clients in all 50 states with their attorneys, and eliminate obstacles that can stand in the way of a person accessing the justice system. We start the process for our clients over the phone for their convenience, arrange video calls for clients that cannot get into their attorney's office for a face-to-face meeting, and offer expanded hours and enhanced client support for our clients at every step of the process. With experienced attorneys in every state, we are currently one of the top filing firms in the nation, and growing rapidly.

Kevin Chern

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I exist where law and technology intersect

Brandy Elliott

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I'm a manager with 15 years experience. I've been working in creditor harassment litigation for the last few years and I'm looking for a change.

Marty LaBelle

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Previous sales exp with irevu and Payment Brokers; worked as CFO for Tminus10 Partners and as a Chemist for various companies.