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Netflix for Real World Entertainment

Netflix for Real World Entertainment

UpOut is the Netflix for real world entertainment. For a $20 monthly subscription, members choose two experiences each month and we send a pair of complimentary digital tickets to them at no additional charge. Since launch, we've sent over 20,000 tickets to our members to craft beer tastings, ballet performances, music festivals and more.

Similar to HotelTonight, UpOut’s business seizes the opportunity left by unsold inventory and the resultant lost on-premise sales. The value is so clear to merchants that over 40% of those cold-contacted give UpOut excess ticket inventory for free to fill their seats and sell merchandise, food, drinks and other on-premise revenue products.

The powerful value propositions to both merchants and consumers have led to 30% monthly growth of the business with strong CAC/LTV ratios.

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Cofounder at Hush. Previous cofounder and CTO at @UpOut. Full stack developer with hundreds websites and apps built.
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