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We handle uploads so you don’t have to

We handle uploads so you don’t have to

Implementing uploads is hard: stackoverflow.com/questions/tagged/file-upload

The main value we provide is quick integration with our solid infrastructure, so our customers don't have to reinvent the wheel. It takes months to design and implement reliable file upload infrastructure, while embedding Uploadcare widget into web page takes only a few minutes.

This 2.5 minutes video describes full integration process for the basic use case: vimeo.com/103210116

Uploadcare facilitates asynchronous file uploads, storage in cloud, and serving via Content Delivery Network (CDN). Crop, resize and other image manipulations can be performed by formatting URL, in case if the uploaded file is an image. It is a subscription-based service, with focus on quality of infrastructure and customer support, which we have achieved so far. We are building strategy to maintain customer support at the highest level in the industry while we scale.

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Founder Uploadcare • Studied at @Saint Petersburg State University

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CEO and co-founder @Uploadcare , @RIDERS, @Whitescape • Worked at @Nestlé
Co-founder of Uploadcare, Ride.rs and Whitescape