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Enabling the world to trust its technology is an ambitious mission, but we make it work by surrounding ourselves with highly motivated, intelligent people from a wide variety of backgrounds. Within the office, we're casual but not sloppy, shrewd but humble, and passionate without taking ourselves too seriously.

The result is a great product, a company culture that is friendly and candid, and an environment of inclusion and personal growth where every member of our team is encouraged to try new things and reach their full potential.

When we set out to grow the company, we settled on a few ideas. First, we knew we had prior experiences that ran the full spectrum from extremely straight-laced and formal corporate settings to stereotypical "startup" to working from bed in our underwear. We took the best bits from each type of environment (minus the bed thing) to create an office culture that encourages everyone to speak their mind and share ideas, and to feel comfortable and confident in doing so. The result is a close-knit team that accomplishes amazing things.

Our offices are expansive with an open floor plans that encourages open communication, with quiet areas and private rooms for conversations and focus. We have a communal playlist that plays in the background in common areas, which everyone is encouraged to contribute to. (Except for whoever added the entire Red Hot Chili Peppers discography that time. That was not good.)

Though we've grown recently, we work to retain the good parts of working at a startup without the stereotypical frivolousness. We have no beanbag chairs, and you won't find us spending company money on Nerf guns. We do have a basketball hoop out back, but we don't neglect our obligations or our customers to play—even if we are unstoppable in the paint. In short: we're fun to be around, but we also like to get a lot done.

Ultimately, we know it could never work unless we work hard to keep employees happy and fulfilled.