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Upekkha helps founder craft Value SaaS business.

Upekkha helps founder craft Value SaaS business.

Upekkha is catalyst for Value SaaS startups. It runs UpekkhaOne, a two year program that helps SaaS startups get to their first $1m in revenue capital efficiently and become a Value SaaS business. All startups from the first cohort got to their million in 18 months.

Upekkha runs 2 year long program, UpekkhaOne & UpekkhaPlus for SaaS startups in different stages to help them move the needle on real business metrics: revenue & gross margin, growth rates & founder-ownership at exit.
Partner Upekkha, Prev - M&A, Intuit, Entreprenuer

Prasanna K

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Founder Upekkha Accelerator. B2B SaaS product & growth coach for 130+ startups. 2x B2B startups. exMSFT Accelerator

Shekar G Nair

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Entrepreneur, Startup & Corp. experience, 1 IPO (Xylan USA), 3 Exits (Xylan, Allegro USA, Elina India), NetApp (India Head, APAC OEM), EIR @TWVP, Advisor/Angel

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