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Matthew Faustman

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Co-founder @UpCounsel, the easiest way to get amazing legal services.

Mason Blake

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Founder + CTO @UpCounsel. Engineering leader from @Betterworldbooks and @JamBase ... I scale amazing products and build killer teams.


Hilal Haider

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Founder/Managing Director - Intuitif Partners, LLC

Jeff Chen

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In SEO, increased traffic by 700%+ (2.4+ million visitors/year), launched 20+ products with engineering, manage 100+ writing team. On board of BayAreaSearch

Katie Johnson

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Data-driven business operations leader. Lead high-performing teams solving complex challenges & driving growth via operations, product, go-to-market, etc.

Clement Chou

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Operations Program Manager @UpCounsel , formerly at @2nd Address , @Deloitte Consulting & @Coca-Cola Refreshments. Focus in business operations & marketplaces.

Evonne Ma

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Digital marketer specializing in search engine optimization, project management, and data analysis

Hector Angulo

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Product Executive  experienced in driving growth, engagement, and top-class product development at SaaS companies

Allie Grass

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Seasoned digital marketer with top tier ad agency & tech startup experience. Results focused & data driven. Thoughtful leader who enjoys working across teams.

Ariel Shultz

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Former big-law attorney, transitioned into customer success and operations at a San Francisco-based startup. I currently Head of Attorney Success at UpCounsel.

Adam Friedman

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Enterprise Partner @UpCounsel

Meg Sandman

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ex-@hoteltonight, @Yale University & @Dev Bootcamp grad.

Jamie Shannon

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Head of People Operations at UpCounsel
Lead SEO @UpCounsel Previously, Product Manager, SEO @Amazon Director of SEO @Maker Studios Head of SEO @Ranker

Ariel Shultz

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Board members and advisors

Hunter Walk

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Currently Partner @ Homebrew; Previously @YouTube, @Google, @Second Life, Conan O'Brien. Builds things in San Francisco. Wishes he knew magic tricks.

Noosheen Hashemi

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Extensive enterprise and consumer internet experience. Invest in early stage companies, social enterprises and nonprofits. Love scaling stuff.

Former team

Vishal Vibhaker

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Sebastian Jay

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Tanner Carbonati

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Mike Balducci

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Itzik Paz

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Gregory Michael

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