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Initialized Capital

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Generalist early stage VC started by founders, for founders

Jennifer 8. Lee

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CEO of @Plympton. Former @new York Times reporter. Seed investor. Film producer. Bestselling author. Emoji subcommittee. Applied math at @Harvard University.

Ryan Mickle

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Early advisor/investor in >10 startups. Started @Brokerkit (acquired), @Founderkit, and @FOBO (YC S11, was Yardsale, acquired). Just getting started.

David J. Phillips

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Entrepreneur and angel investor.

Brad Flora

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Visiting Partner at Y Combinator. Ex-Business at @Brave. Ex-Founder, @PerfectAudience. @Y Combinator S11.

Y Combinator

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Gautam Gupta

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Partner at M13 Ventures. Ex-founder and CEO of NatureBox. Ex-early stage VC at General Catalyst. www.gautamg.com
Soma Capital invests in early stage consumer and enterprise companies.

Garry Tan

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Managing Partner, Initialized Capital. Previously Partner at Y Combinator, funded/advised 600 startups. Cofounder @Posterous (Acq by @Twitter).
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