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A more rewarding way to rent and own a home



Ryan Brown

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Co-Founder @homevest, Co-Founder @ AVRS (sold to ADP), Sales Management @ Responsys (Sold to Oracle for 1.5B)

Michael Wong

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Founder @homevest, previously investments and trading @MorganStanley

Benedict Wong

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Serial entrepreneur with an expertise in user acquisition.


Chris Gosselin

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I am a creative individual with a change the world attitude. The biggest things I look for in a job are growth, creativity, and a constant challenge.

Christopher Sun

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Worked at Properly as Engineer #1. Worked at Blue Apron as Engineer #7. Worked as a Director of Engineering at MLB.com and Rent The Runway.

Qiang Song

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Data Scientist at Homevest Ph.D in Financial Engineering CFA

Amanda Chan

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Operations executive and consultant to early stage startups. Ex-investment banker at Deutsche Bank. Penn/Wharton grad. Currently in NYC. SF native.

Needham B Hurst

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Business Operations @ Up&Up

Keelin Bannon

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Kyle Coleman

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Christopher Holt

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Experience with both startups and large companies. Occasional bitcoin trader. Currently experimenting with home automation using the new Raspberry Pi Zero W.

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Michal Lyskawinski

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