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reinventing apparel with mass customization and automated manufacturing



Annika Visser

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Mission Operations Specialist at unspun

Nic Fleming

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Engineering manager/Mechanical Engineer for research and product development. Experience with robotics, exoskeletons, drug discovery, textile weaving

Joshua Ferge

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Software Lead at unspun.

edy guy

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creative editor at unspun.

Miles Pekala

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Robotics engineer from mechanics to software.

Tariq Dinar

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I am a mechanical/software engineer. I am experienced in structural analysis, Python/Angular web applications and visualization using SVG, webGL and VTK.

Brooke McEver

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rethinking modern production and impersonal transactions by design and development strategies.

Ian Fong

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Experience in both consumer products, medical, and robotics working at companies like Bridge Design, LUNAR, Momentum Machines, and now unspun.

Tania Cheung

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A strategic logistician experienced in building brands, marketing and operation strategy. Passionate about organizing ideas into a business transaction.

Joshua Lopez-Binder

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making code that deals with shapes @unspun :] Studied Mechanical Engineering and art at Carnegie Mellon University.

Stephen Thoma

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solving problems @unspun

brian gormley

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robotics engineer @unspun | @HAX 11 alumni | b.s. in mechanical engineering @University of Colorado, Boulder

Former team

Benjamin Cloud

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molly dicke

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Sagar Phadkule

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Ruizhi Chen

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