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Stephanie Liverani

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Founder @Crew / @unsplash-1-1. Currently building Community @unsplash-1-1

Luke Chesser

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Co-founder & Product @Unsplash • '13 Engineering @McGill University • Co-founder of Crew Cafe and Collective

Mikael Cho

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Founder at @Unsplash | Former Psychology & Neuroscience Researcher @University of Wisconsin


Bruno Aguirre

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Worked as a consultant for the last 6 years, part of some SF startups. Active open source developer.

tanya santos

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Aaron Klaassen

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API team lead @Unsplash

Timothy Carbone

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Data Engineer at Unsplash.

Sami Jaber

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Front-end Developer @Unsplash
Good enough designer.

Pina Messina

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Office Manager at Crew

Kirill Zakharov

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Head of Design @Unsplash

Board members and advisors

Jason Goldberg

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Make things people love. Repeat.
Founder @Crew / @unsplash-1-1. Currently building Community @unsplash-1-1

Adam McNamara

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Angel Investor @Ramen Ventures. First VP Product @Shopify. Co-founded @Select Start Studios (acquired by @Shopify)
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Former team

Cashelle Fahey

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Andrew Neel

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Charles Lalonde

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Scott Webb

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Stephen Carter

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