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David Chie

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CEO of Palo Alto Staffing

Joel Gascoigne

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Co-founder & CEO of @Buffer

Clark Valberg

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Clark Valberg is the co-founder and CEO of @InVision, the digital product design platform powering the world's best user experiences.

Rahul Vohra

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Founder & CEO of @Superhuman. Founded @Rapportive. Computer Scientist, Gamer, Entrepreneur, Designer.

Roger Dickey

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Founder of Untitled Labs (we're hiring!), Gigster, and Mafia Wars. Investor in 60+ great startups. Engineer at heart.

Robb Miller

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NYC Attorney (securities & STOs), Founder @Gnito. Super Early Seed Investor in AI/ML, Robotics, Fintech, MedTech, FemTech, Biotech. Game-changers welcomed.

Nitesh Banta

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Co-founder and CEO @B12 Labs. Angel Investor. Co-founder at @Rough Draft Ventures. Previously investor @General Catalyst.

John Manoogian III

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Designer, Hacker, Remixer, Founder. Full stack visual thinker who codes. Have raised money from BRV, FF, & SV Angel.

Jared Erondu

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Head of Design @Lattice, founder @Playbook, ambassador @Greylock Partners. Previously led teams @Teespring @Omada Health @Treehouse.
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