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Scalable internet infrastructe for people, places, and IoT

Scalable internet infrastructe for people, places, and IoT

We develop applications that run on the edgenet, a new global network where devices talk directly to each other without needing dedicated infrastructure like routers, cell phone towers, and satellites to mediate communications. By reducing setup costs and increasing robustness, this network drives connectivity costs down while increasing coverage.

Today, we have developed a messaging app that lets users share data without internet access.

Tomorrow, we will embed the technology into drones that disperse themselves across a city to provide internet on demand.

In the future, this technology will be built into every Internet of Things (IoT) device worldwide.

Beyond costs savings, Unplugged helps connect more of the poor, provide better resilience in the face of natural disasters, make online communications more private, and generally advocate for a consumer driven and equitable internet.

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Master's Candidate at Loyola University New Orleans; BA from Carleton College