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Unnati is a recruitment services firm that helps startups to hire great talent painlessly and quickly. We support you right from even before the hiring process starts by helping you define the role, the compensation, drafting the JD and branding the role. We then create an assessment plan for the role and send you screened profiles as per the defined assessment format. All this ensures you don’t waste time meeting irrelevant people and are able to select the right fit for your organization painlessly. After selection we support you with the salary negotiation and post-offer candidate engagement to ensure selected candidates join as per plan.
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Software Engineer

Tech Lead | Edtech App for Pre-schoolers

We are looking for an enterprising, experienced Tech professionals who want to take their careers to the next level.

Our client is an Kid-tech startup that has developed an audio and video app that helps pre-schoolers learn English and other Indian languages quickly and easily.