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Visualizing how living conditions change globally

Visualizing how living conditions change globally

OurWorldInData is an online publication that shows how living conditions around the world are changing. It is published at the University of Oxford and covers a wide range of topics across many academic disciplines: Trends in health, food provision, the growth and distribution of incomes, violence, rights, wars, culture, energy use, education, and environmental changes are empirically analyzed and visualized in this web publication. The project is based at the University of Oxford. To make research publicly known is a democratic project and OurWorldInData is a public good: The publication is freely available online, all data is available for download, the visualizations are available under a permissive Creative Commons license, and all tools to publish OurWorldInData are open source.

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Roger Hutchings

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Front-end developer with journalism background. Agency experience. Worked at Mainichi Newspapers, Tokyo, and University of Oxford. React, Angular, Node, CSS3.

Max Roser

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Researcher @UniOfOxford – Follow me for data visualizations of long-term trends of living standards – mostly from my web publication: http://t.co/yb8aQ0PDjL