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A shared living manager to make everything about living with others easier. Without 5 apps

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The basic idea is creating one app that will aid with all of the interactions that roommates of people living together must deal with to live effectively. This includes splitting bills, notifying if you are home or away, ability to connect to check in (safety feature I think is key especially for university usage), grocery list, calendar, notes, connection to landlord for issues such as appliance failures or damages, file saving for lease agreements and such. Many apps do some of the things I mentioned above but no app does ALL of these and the ones that have attempted have failed. I think a better approach is something kind of similar to discord or slack where the user creates a "room" or "space" and invites people in to share and use the above functions. I have lived in residence at my university, with a roommate, with a partner, and with my family. and in every case I think we could have benefited from an app like this. I have to have at least 5 apps to do half of the things this one app could do alone. Also with added features it will eliminate the awkwardness that many people feel in new roommate relationships like in university or a necessity for a cheap apartment. I'll detail some simple examples of this awkwardness. Say at the beginning in the app there is a roommate agreement that lays out preferences for each person such as quiet time. In the future if one person is annoyed with the other, pulling up the roommate agreement on this shared app would help resolve this problem. As well, peers and myself have been in the situation where you feel like you're messaging this unfamiliar roommate a bunch for basic stuff like groceries, seeing if their home for something, rent, important dates. This app would bypass all of this messaging with a simple app notification which both users can choose to act on rather than a message that you would have to craft and have that ambiguous etiquette
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App developer/Co-founder

Posted 5 months ago

Leading the development side of the app and programing. Assisting and working togeather with me to help create the app.