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Sunglasses Designed by You, Made in Barcelona

Sunglasses Designed by You, Made in Barcelona

Our glasses are designed so you can interchange one pair of our lenses into any pair of UNIQBROW frames. We have opened our own retail stores in Barcelona, these are the first shops in the world where a person can customize their own frame in person. We have also given customers the ability to customize their frame through our website. We have begun distribution in 3rd party shops in: UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Canada, Montenegro and Dubai. Our goal is to raise money to open more brick and mortar stores in key cities, and to begin opening franchised locations as well. We have also developed a digital marketing strategy to grow our online sales channels, and UNIQBROW.com.

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Andrew Swiler

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Founder @UNIQBROW, • Worked at @Hilco Brands LLC,