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Simplified Money Sharing Social Network (Whats app and Quora)

Simplified Money Sharing Social Network (Whats app and Quora)

What is your company going to make? The solutions to the pain point of users:
1. Creating Specific Unions. (Communities of Like Minded People)
2. Organizing Chats. (separate QA for every Union: creating VALUE for users.
3. 50-50 % Money Sharing : users are our "Customers"
4. Target Based Advertisement Model

Why did you pick this idea to work on:

Reason 1: Unorganized chats problems. Everyone using whats app is familiar how important conversations are lost and how annoying is advertisement in groups. We fix both these issues.

Reason 2: Communities of like minded people where users interact and have valuable discussions.

Reason 3: Users are currently products not customers. Our application will eventually pay money to users who are contributing in its growth.

Reason 4: Creating Unions who can help us in solving social problems (CSR)

Reason 5: Helping Companies or organizations get real customers. Not just numbers.

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