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The Next Generation Platform for Identity and Authentication


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OVO Fund

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Scary Early Stage Fund

Accomplice VC

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Early stage venture. First institutional @angellist investor

Dustin Dolginow

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Angel Investor. Frmly: @Accomplice VC, @Spearhead / Early $: @PillPack, @Patreon, @UnifyID, @Creative Market, @DataCamp and many others.

Eric Chen

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Founder at @OVO Fund (Seed Fund) Partner @Equilibrium Investments (Real Estate) Venture Partner at @WI Harper Group (US-China VC) Co-founder @Tiny Prints

Jeff Fagnan

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Founder at @Accomplice VC; founder of @TUGG / @Veracode / @BOSS Syndicate / Spearhead / @Maiden Lane / board of @AngelList / incubated @VMware Carbon Black (CBLK)