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Everyday, mission number one is to create awesome time-to-value for companies looking to convert manage massive, diverse and very dirty datasets into profitable insights they can sell. With Unifyd, insights are created in minutes or hours not days or weeks. Unifyd delivers access to tools and data to re-invent the way people work with complex, messy data. We have decades of experience in NLP, AI, Big Data & Databasing, Unstructured Data Management and Enterprise SaaS. However, we tend to ignore the way we’ve done things before, even though the new approaches drive complexity and challenges. If we can’t beat the old ways of generating insights we aren’t doing our jobs.
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Senior Lead Java Engineer

Be a technical leader within our team

Support members of the team in delivering backend services with high availability, low latency and scalability

Coordinate technical projects spanning entire engineering team.

Facilitate collaboration between engineers, product owners, and designers.