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At Unified Inbox, we're building the Future of Communication! A future in which the user is back in control of their data and can work from anywhere, anytime while living their life to the fullest and keeping in touch with colleagues, friends, family and loved ones.

We have no fixed office timings, in fact, we have no offices. You can work from your home, a cafe, the hotel lobby you like so much, on the beach, in a co-working space, your friends office or whichever place is the one that makes you most productive.

Our mission is to give people back the time and focus that has been lost over the last 20 years – a time in which the changes in our software and hardware technologies have so altered the communication landscape that one person can no longer process the information available to them.

To achieve this mission, results and attention to detail matter, but when, where and even how much you work is really up to you - so long as you're making clear commitments and deliver on what you say you'll do both for your own and the team's fulfillment.

You should have a natural positivity about your personality and a professionally realistic "can do attitude". Of course we expect you to be absolutely awesome at whatever it is you'll do, while having realized there is always stuff that you don't yet know but are keen to learn while being part of the team.

You dislike office politics as much as we do and focus on a positive outcome on whatever part of the project you're currently working on, no matter the circumstances.

While you don't want to give up your personal freedom, you still want to be part of a life changing experience and an unforgettable journey of writing meaningful history at the next big thing.

In comparison to getting a cash salary, you prefer owning shares and equity options in the success story you're helping to build and are in it for the bigger picture.

Sound exciting? Contact us today for details.

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