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UI/UX Designer

Designers — and design thinking — are an essential part of the culture and the product creation process at UNI. We design and develop all of our products internally, which means that you will only have one client: us and our users.


Lead Engineer

Do you want to​ ​lead an engineering team creating products that empower creatives across the globe?​ ​Do​ ​you​ ​thrive​ ​on​ ​solving​ ​interesting​ ​challenges​ ​at​ ​scale?


Associate Curator/Editor

UNI is the first of its kind platform for designers, and researchers to identify and curate challenging design problems for student and young professionals. At UNI we are constantly engaging with academia, professional sector and researchers to frame our ever-growing library of design challenges.


Community Manager

UNI is the world's leading platform which organizes design challenges, is seeking a full-time Community Support Associate (contracted) to join our team.

As a part of UNI, you will be supporting a community who are looking to solve some of the most challenging design problems in the world.