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Find time for meetings and projects. Coordinate when work happens

Full Stack Javascript Developer

$70k – $75k • 0.5% – 1.0%
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Undock is software startup, developing a business application for scheduling, task management, video, voice, email and text channels. This is an opportunity to join a startup in the early stages and have your position grow with the company.

We are looking for a motivated and passionate learner with an entrepreneurial spirit. Immediate Hire. Equity Granted


Experienced in Javascript/TypeScript, HTML, CSS.
Deep knowledge of any or all of the MEAN stack (Angular 2+, Node.js, Express, MongoDB).
Understanding of both client side (front-end) and server side (back-end) code and how they interact.
Comfortable and proficient with learning and integrating 3rd party libraries and APIs (Twilio, Twitter, LinkedIn, PrimeNG, npm packages, etc.).
Excellent organization, attention to detail and ability to learn lots of information in short periods of time
Exceptional online researching skills.
You never give up when a solution doesn't present itself right away.

Strong background in object-oriented programming principles (or knowledge of a strongly typed, object oriented language such as C#, Java, etc.).
You have a GitHub page and/or have worked with GitHub or command line Git.
Experience using NativeScript (preferred, or similar framework) to convert projects from web apps to mobile apps (iOS and Android).
Ability to read documentation/tutorials/articles and adapt the solutions to your own project (beyond copy & paste).
Proficiency in VoIP technology and protocols (SIP, RDP, computer networking) and the anatomy of a SIP phone call from start to finish is a huge plus!

Compensation: $60,000-$75,000, plus equity.