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MixPanel for Qualitative Data

MixPanel for Qualitative Data

Watch our Techstars pitch: youtube.com/watch?v=EayeBffSldw

Our mission is to help companies listen to all their customers, leading to fewer surprises, great decisions, and customers who feel heard.

We do this by making it way easier to aggregate, analyze, and share free-form feedback from these many sources.

Get all your feedback in one place with multiple integrations: App Store, Play Store, Email, Slack, an API, and others. We've also built an awesome widget for collecting feedback directly from your site.

Prioritize like a pro by quickly categorizing customer feedback into contextually relevant themes.

Never be surprised Receive alerts from your data. Share read-only reports with team members and executives.

Cameron Nuckols

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Co-founder @Unbird • Software development, product, and business background: @Grow.com & @Padstash

Jeff Whitlock

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Founder, CEO @unbird • Product, UX, and business background: @McKinsey & Co, @Vivint, & @SafeBoda

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