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Software Engineer

$105 - 145k Estimated
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Our stack is React Native/Python/Django/Postgres on top of Heroku.

What’ll you do:
* Take product ownership from planning to post-shipping iteration for core products for our Members, Neighbors, and Ops team
* Ship full-stack code across mobile, our admin tools, and our backend
* Use software as a way to solve core user and business problems

We have a particular kind of philosophy for software development:
* The most difficult task is choosing the right problems to solve.
* Use the best tool for the job and build only what we have to: software is in service of our users.
* Keep the team as small as possible. We love “pizza box” teams, where each member of the team has an outsized impact.
* Embrace open source tools and contribute back when we can

In this role, you will use software to augment human capability, creating a better experience and operational efficiency for our Members, Handy Neighbors, and Operations team.

We believe that a successful candidate will have the following attributes:

* 3+ years shipping software, including have made core architectural decisions (with the scars to prove it)

* Front-end experience using a modern Javascript framework like React. Mobile experience is a big plus.

* Back-end experience with a MVC framework like Django or Rails. Python experience in particular is a big plus.

* Impact-driven, both in the mission you’d like to work towards, and the software you choose to write

* Thrive in a self-driven, independent role

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