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Tingfan Wu

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Worked at Umbo Computer Vision. Went to University of California San Diego (UCSD), National Taiwan University

Antony Ko

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Co-founder at Umbo CV Inc., present. Co-founder at AHA-tek, 2012-2014. Director of smartphone R&D at HTC, 2010-2012. HW engineer at CCI, VIA & MTI.1997-2010.
Co-founder / CTO at Umbo CV Inc, present Post-doc researcher at University College London, 2014-2015 PhD Robot Vision at Imperial College London, 2011-2014
Co-Founder / CEO @Umbo Computer Vision Startup to IPO @nuuo as early employee / GVM - 30 under 35 Entrepreneur / Biz and Product Dev. #UCSB College of Creative Studies


Hui Shan Yin

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Passionate, hardworking and humble individual in the tech startup space; involved in all things operations and people operations. English, Cantonese & Mandarin

Joe Tseng

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Jalex Chang

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kakashi liu

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Edward Chen

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9 year + B2B IT Industry experience (IOT, AI, Cloud, solution selling) 4 years build and lead cross nationality sales team

Chun-Yu Tseng

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AI Team Lead at Umbo Computer Vision – We’re hiring!

David Owen

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Machine learning PhD at UCL, medical imaging. Research scientist, software developer, data scientist.

Wan-Chi, Chen

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Linus Wong

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Founder TunTunTuTu • Worked at @Google • Studied at @University of Illinois, Urbana, Champaign

Vincent Ho

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Worked at Umbo Computer Vision. Went to University of California, Santa Barbara, San Jose State University

David Chou

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Worked at Umbo Computer Vision. Fascinated in backend, streaming and devops technologies. Co-organizer of Taipei Golang Meetup and Taipei Video Tech Meetup.

Shao-Heng Tai

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3-year AI & infra engineer in Umbo Computer Vision. Working on the development and operation of ML production backends and infrastructures on GCP and AWS.

Jason Yin

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Alex Walczak

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