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Ulule empowers creators and makers at scale

Community Captain (part-time freelance)

$8k – $9k
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We’re seeking energetic people to represent Ulule as official Community Captain across the following cities:

North America
Los Angeles
Québec City
San Francisco


Are you from a city that isn’t on the list but you feel it should be? Email us directly at laura @ ulule.com

As a Community Captain, your role is to harvest relationships with a community of entrepreneurs, creators and makers that do not yet realize the power of crowdfunding!

You’ll be in charge of organizing thematic Pitch Pitch Initiatives on different types of verticals, depending on your profile. Here are our Captain’s profiles:

1. “Entrepreneurial”

Entrepreneurial Captains are passionate about any innovative products and services in Food, Fashion, Technology, Games, and Sports.

2. “Cultural & Creative”

Creative Captains would be involved or curious in one or more of the following communities: Films, Music, Festivals, Photography, Art, Cartoon, Publishing.

3. “Social and Citizen”

These Captains wake up in the morning to empower projects with an impact, related to: not for profits, causes, social impact businesses, minority and immigrant projects, charity, citizen or education.

Your main missions will be:

To actively reach out to entrepreneurs, makers and creators for each Pitch Pitch Initiative depending on the topic (cold calls, emailing, networking, follow-ups…)
To onboard and provide initial support project owners to roll out a successful crowdfunding campaign
To create and maintain local partnerships with organizations such as incubators, accelerators, universities
To organize the event in terms of logistics and communications
To represent Ulule at specific events or seminars to present our crowdfunding approach
What would a typical week as a Community Captain look like?

Inspiring: you’ll reach out to SOOOO many inspiring entrepreneurs and creators! You’ll call them and advice them on how they could use crowdfunding to launch or develop their projects.
Challenging: your goal is to have a maximum of project creators onboarded to launch their crowdfunding campaign! You’ll go through a soft-sales training that will give teach you to sell the idea of our Pitch Pitch initiatives.
Rewarding: you’ll help project owners to actually give birth to their projects! You’ll organize awesome events that actually foster local innovation, creativity and social / environmental impact! You will also be officially recognized on our website as a Captain, so it’s terrific work experience to add to your resume.
Flexible: you’ll manage your hours as you’d like! You’ll report to our Program Manager weekly as need be.
We will provide a complete training so that you have all the tools to create successful Pitch Pitch Initiatives every 3 months with a commitment of a year, minimum.

Our Pitch Pitch initiatives are strategic growth operations: it’s an opportunity to empower entrepreneurs at scale, make an impact within a B corp company, and above all, to have A LOT OF FUN!


Must be working or involved in a co-working space or any other type of creative / entrepreneurial hub
Outgoing and people oriented
Pro-active: we look for a go-getter attitude with an entrepreneurial mindset
A team player with the ability to work independently
Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
Background or experience in a sales-type setting is a plus
We’re looking for people who are creative & busy bees but love to be active in the community and get involved.
How does it work?

Type: Part-time flexible , 5-8 hours/week (if you find ways to work less and get results, you deserve the extra time off!)
Duration: minimum 12-month commitment
Stipend: 500 Euros / month for European cities, 750$ CAD for Canadian cities or 575 $US for US cities

If this sounds like we’re describing your dream side-gig and your personality, then please fill out the following form: makegoodthingshappen.typeform.com/to/E4LyvA

Ulule at a glance

Ulule empowers creators and makers at scale

Ulule focuses on Crowdfunding. Their company has offices in Paris. They have a mid-size team that's between 51-200 employees.

You can view their website at http://www.ulule.com

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